Vanke Intro & Malaysian Commitment

Vanke Malaysia Presents the Eleventh Edition of World Class Sustainable Cities (WCSC) Conference 2019

KUALA LUMPUR – Vanke Malaysia collaborated with the Real Estate and Housing Developers’ Association Malaysia Federal Territories Kuala Lumpur (REHDA KL), the Malaysian Institute of Planners (MIP) and the Malaysian Institute of Architects (PAM) in the unveiling of the WCSC’s eleventh edition. Themed ‘Next: KL 2040’, the annual conference focusses on the future of Kuala Lumpur as a Sustainable City and the KL Masterplan 2040.

Stimulating thoughts across the board are the panel of speakers, which include UN Studio’s Caroline Bos, a proponent of deep planning for cities of the future. She will be joined by Stuart Moseley, speaking on Melbourne’s city planning for the future; and Jan Gehl of Gehl Architects, a proponent of human-centric design.

Design Thinking & Vanke’s Innovative Approach

UN Studio is the main architect of Vanke’s Kuala Lumpur project. As a Fortune Global 500-listed company, Vanke’s participation in this year’s WCSC is a landmark decision by the company. The primacy of design thinking, innovation and research takes shape in the form of Vanke Architecture Research Centre, established since 1999 to promote research and development for architectural material, low-energy consumption methodology and eco-landscape study. The utilization of a low maintenance system throughout the site showcases consistent operational sustainability throughout a development’s lifecycle.

Part of the cohesive design thinking process starts with an occupant-centric approach, which places the issue of innovation within its developments. This is the reason for a good collaborative effort between UN Studio and Vanke Malaysia through its deep planning aspects whereby these elements are embedded in Kuala Lumpur.

Sustainability & Vanke’s Green Technology

A key part of sustainable spaces is often its use and the interaction between the environment and its citizens. Often, an effective plan will focus on optimal land utilization, material and energy efficiency, operation management, indoor environment and emission reduction, all hallmarks of Vanke’s Green Technology.

As an urban and rural developer and living services provider, the company pays close attention to the interaction between the built and natural environments through a multi-tiered strategy of green operation, vegetation research, green supply chain, public welfare and waste sorting.

Although the issue of sustainability is not a new subject, the challenges to adopt green and sustainable systems within a scheme remain evergreen. The alignment of core values between Vanke and WCSC’s theme this year proves to be an eagerly anticipated platform for the design, planning and development communities.

Vanke launched the Vanke Experiential Hall in March 2019 at Menara IMC along Jalan Sultan Ismail, showcasing the brand’s background and story as well as Vanke’s commitment to Malaysia in preserving the best of its culture, heritage and arts through its sensorial experience.