The city is becoming an increasingly crowded place, with changes occurring daily at an accelerating pace. City public spaces are becoming a rarity if they are allowed to be taken over by roads, buildings. And other infrastructures.

Yet, the city is also an exciting one, especially for young people. It is the place in which you reside, work and have your recreation. Will you allow your city to become the dense metropolis? No one can predict what the future of the city will be, but one can design a city of one’s choice.


Photography Competition

This photography competition gives you the opportunity to highlight the city of your choice, focussing on city spaces and what you would like them to be. There are spaces in between buildings, in between city infrastructures, both above ground and below ground.

Capture the best use of city spaces that encapsulates city life – what it is and what it could be.

Capture the change in the city and how city spaces can help transform the city into not just a concrete jungle but a city that has the spaces offered to its residents to enjoy, meet, connect with others of all races, whatever age or ability.

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