The Conference

About WCSC Series

The ‘ International Conference on World Class Sustainable Cities’ (WCSC) is in its 8th year since conception that has so far provided a constructive platform to enlighten, educate and charge the mindsets of city stakeholders, industry players, government agencies and the general public on what makes great livable and sustainable cities. This conference is organized by a tripartite collaboration between the Real Estate Housing Developers’ Association (REHDA) Kuala Lumpur Branch, The Malaysian Institute of Planners (MIP) and the Institute of Architecture Malaysia (PAM). It has the support and endorsement of Kuala Lumpur City Hall. Much of the knowledge and ideas learnt through out the years have been transcribed into real projects in the many cities od Malaysia, especially Kuala Lumpur. Pedestrianization, bicycle lanes, opening up city rivers for public spaces, greater art and design into the city are many of the initiatives that were born from the WCSC series throughout the years.