WCSC 2009

24th March 2009 | Renaissance Kuala Lumpur |

1st International Conference on World Class Sustainable Cities
The International Conference on World Class Sustainable Cities 2009 is to widen our knowledge on some of the key challenges faced by global cities as result of high rate of urbanization as well as globalization.
The conference will raise awareness on issues and available solutions and experiences by cities that strive to achieve a world-class sustainable city status. The presence of more than 10 presenters from 6 different cities from across the globe will provide a platform for knowledge sharing of best practices among participants. It will also provide the opportunity to review the latest developments, innovations and ideas that have been implemented or practiced in achieving a World Class city and possible applicability to Malaysia’s situation.
The real challenges cities faced are communities and how they relate to the overwhelming variables of globalization, digital revolution, and rapid urbanization. Knowledge is the driver of productivity and growth; hence this conference will provide a clear understanding of the planning and design, environmental qualities and social needs of the World Class Sustainable Cities such that all agencies and authorities may better plan, design, execute and manage a world class city for Malaysia.