WCSC 2012

25th September 2012 | JW Marriot Kuala Lumpur |
From establishing and introducing the concept of World Class Sustainable Cities in 2009, this series of annual conferences has yet again emerged with an important theme for discussion – making cities for the people. In the pursuit for a World Class City, we may sometimes forget about the basic needs of its citizens. In many cities today, people compete with vehicles; roads are too wide for people to cross, communities are divided by one way traffic flows; public open spaces and green spaces where communities can meet and interact freely are few and scarce; access to affordable housing, clean water and cheap food become increasingly challenged.
Hence, the joint organizers of the WCSC conference series intend to re-focus on the people’s needs as our cities grow in population size and spatial area. It will be an opportunity for everyone to learn of experiences from successful cities in the world, and to interact with community leaders, professionals, industry players, students and representatives of government agencies.