WCSC 2018

27th September 2018 | Intercontinental Kuala Lumpur | 


Cities today are at a crossroad, faced with challenges and pressures for further economic growth and stronger competitive advantage. At the same time, cities are expected to provide for better quality of life in an improved urban environment. This includes a conducive and affordable living environment, excellent connectivity and ample outdoor public spaces set within a greener, and therefore, cooler urban setting, and all these while no one gets left behind.
Space constraints for outward expansion and the growing numbers in cities put further pressure on city infrastructure, in particular on housing, parks, utilities and transportation. Additionally, changing demographics bring about new demands and expectations on city services, facilities and amenities. Waves of advanced technologies and disruptive innovations are expected to present opportunities to create future urban solutions, tailored to meet the development needs of cities. Cities therefore need to reinvent themselves to implement and rethink policies and innovative solutions for all issues confronting cities, to achieve the global goal of sustainable development and to implement the New Urban Agenda, an agenda that is universal and applicable to all.
The Tenth Edition of the World Class Sustainable Cities (WCSC) Conference is an inclusive platform for city stakeholders, city managers, game-changers, planners, architects, engineers and residents in the city to address the dual challenges of livability and sustainability, share integrated urban solution and forge new partnerships. Over the past years, WCSC Conference has featured many notable speakers with excellent case studies, ideas and solutions for cities. Themed ‘Kuala Lumpur: Today & Beyond”, the 10th World Class Sustainable Cities Conference in 2018 will explore how Kuala Lumpur and other cities in Malaysia can prepare for today’s and tomorrow’s challenges, to be more liveable, resilient, inclusive and sustainable, through better planning, technology and social innovations towards implementing the New Agenda for all.
Participate in this conference to benefit from the insights shared by notable and experienced speakers brought especially for you. Register your interest to attend the Tenth World Class Sustainable Cities Conference, hosted by the City of Kuala Lumpur.