The WCSC Master Class was introduced since 2010.  It formed an extended programme of the 1-day conference. The master class is held either a day before or a day after the WCSC conference.



The main objectives of the masterclass are:

  1. To afford Malaysian officials, especially from Kuala Lumpur City Hall to gain awareness and knowledge in a particular skill to address real issues in a real life situation;
  2. To learn to work with others as a group in collaborating, cooperating and understanding of real issues towards achieving a common solution;
  3. To learn from international experts in the field of urban planning, design, development, management and to adopt and adapt the approaches  and techniques learnt.


Expected Outcomes

Participants will be given an actual site of the city to work on.  A short briefing will be provided on the background of the site, followed by possible approaches, techniques and best practices by the international facilitator for the consideration of the participants.

The participants will be divided into groups to work out solutions and after a given time frame to work on, shall present the outcomes of the group work to the rest of the class.

The international expert shall make an evaluation of each group’s work.

Participants will learn about:

  1. the many issues that are faced on the ground;
  2. the many ideas and approaches by the participants that come from varied backgrounds;
  3. the options to urban solutions;
  4. the possible best practices that have been applied internationally in many other cities.


Number of Participants

Participation is by invitation only.  The number of participants is restricted to only 50 person maximum per class. Priority is given to officers of the KL City Hall.  Other participants will include selected members of the Residents’ Association – especially from the area under study – and also representatives of the partner organizations who are urban planners, architects and real estate developers.


Facilitators & Study Areas

One or two speakers of the conference will be invited to conduct the master class on a specific topic related to the main theme of the conference.  Kuala Lumpur City Hall will choose the areas for the master class to work on.