PERTH AUSTRALIA (4th – 8th December 2016)


The Greater Klang Valley will be served with an extensive range of public transport once all the development programmes are implemented. These include the building of the MRT, the LRT extensions, new BRT routes, feeder buses as well as the availability of taxis, Grab and Uber services. These developments will be replicated in the other major urban conurbations such as Penang in the north and Johore Bharu in the south.

The TOD (transit Oriented Development) concept is still new in Malaysia. More professionals, urban managers, developers and land owners need to understand the concept so that property development can support increased public transport ridership. The right formula must be met so that the city also offers a greater quality of life for the residents.

Many newly built transit stations are located within already developed sites. Areas within the City boundaries are old areas and many have been identified for revitalization. The integration of modern transit systems with urban renewal will also be a challenge for cities like Kuala Lumpur.

Many TODs have incorporated the provision of public spaces as places for people to not just commute daily but also as destinations for social meetings, interactions, leisure and play. Public spaces have been proven to be a vital element for the social well-being of city folks as well as the element that binds the city together. The efficient design and use of public spaces are pertinent to make the city a vibrant habitat in an ever increasingly urban environment.


* To learn from city development authorities on the master plan for the integration of urban regeneration, TOD and public spaces;
* Understand the main elements and factors to ensure the master plan meets with the peoples’ needs and the success of public transportation targets;
* The urban design considerations and planning guidelines;
* The integration of master planning for public transport; public spaces; city vibrancy and economic attraction;
* Networking with officials of the host city

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